Why we value our people learning – whatever the subject

Selection Recruitment Ltd and our learning partner organisation Polkadot Consultants Ltd are committed to the ongoing development of our people and that is why they are allocated two hours a week study/coaching time for all our employees.

Business has done some terrible things in the name of training, not least of all “here is a laptop with PowerPoint on it you are now a trainer” along with the modern fads that so many of us endure such as e-learning, speed learning etc.

We are not interested in faddish attempts to simply impart skills, we expect rigorous engagement with higher levels of thinking, as we believe this is the basis on which each of us can find the right path to success in all areas of our life, not just work.

Forget credentialism; we go for passion, which is what it will be about in the future. Anyone can pass a course with enough time and money but we encourage autonomous learning that the individual truly grows from.

“Imagine if mental health nurses, a role all about people (and one of the most challenging of roles) had to carry out CPD by e-learning. All this without anyone to ask questions of, no recourse to help and the tick box outcome becomes part of their competency to work. You would expect uproar, well there wasn’t, they do and at best someone was heard to say, “tsk” at the back.”

Barry Wall, MD Polkadot Consultants Ltd

We embrace learning as an everyday informal and formal occurrence without hierarchy, learning will be a constant for us all and part of our working life together.

We believe people should not just learn about their jobs, be that nursing or management, they should just be learning, as an important part of the future of our organisations’ cultural value. This favours the soft edge of cultural and social worth over the hard edge of finance, an imbalanced scale that needs change.

We are willing to spend more on education and organisational development, and we recognise we will have to let go to a greater degree than ever before, it is time to recognise that failure helps people learn, all of us. Therefore, give people the chance to do it and we improve all our success.

Employee Learning

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