Embrace the Leap of Faith

Selection Recruitment Ltd is committed to building something different, that is why we pay a full time salary for a four-day week, encourage remote working, provide incentives that are meaningful and in addition; focus on our employees intellectual well-being, so all can enjoy success.

It is time to embrace new concepts, such as the days of dealing in atoms being over, we now deal in bits. Get it, in bits. More roles are reliant on the transfer of bits now than they are the movement of atoms. It is all about the bits, zillions of them whizzing about and greasing the wheels of commerce.

This effects traditional planning in numerous ways, in the past, we would look at the critical path and chance of success, economic and otherwise.

How about we stop doing it that way and try a leap of faith?

Chew over; that whatever we do in business no longer has a critical path. How can you have a critical path in a world that more networked and interconnected in a way no one imagined and how will that interconnected beastie respond to our carefully controlled path?

It will destroy it, multiplicity sets in, and unpredictable outcomes will knock you off-balance in a heartbeat.

In Organisational Development terms we have to make an about-face, it is nigh on impossible to predict outcomes or what will work in the current marketplace.

The leap of faith ideology is about dreaming, it is about what could be, not what will be and this will mean us in business living with uncertainty in a greater way.

We must pick on a dream and make it happen; you cannot fatten the pig by weighing it, so pure finance will not cut it, cultural economics will, you will have to adjust what you spend and where and our belief is the same as Richard Branson’s:

 “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.”

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